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Faces of Change: A Fighting Chance

Whenever I see grass, I actually walk on it. Everytime I cut my own food, when I am able to speak, the smallest thing that, that we don’t think about – I just feel so blessed that I’ve regained all those skills. My name is Erica Chain. I am from Solon, Ohio, and brain surgery saved my life. When I was 26, I was young and I had never had a medical issue before. I used to run and do yoga every day. I got an amazing opportunity to go overseas and volunteer. And I didn’t think that losing my health insurance for a temporary length of time was going to be that serious.
When I got a phone call from her friends that she’s in a coma and she’s in the hospital. I was surprised what happened to her. The doctor told me she got a tumor. It’s so frightening that it makes you not believe it. These are stories you read about in the news. You never think that it will happen to you untill it does. I started applying to every insurance plan that I could, because they have to perform brain surgery to keep me alive. Every plan you can think of – all of them denied due to a pre-existing condition, which was my tumor. It’s emotionally the lowest that I’ve felt, because at that point without health insurance, how was I going to have access to treatment? To be a mother of a sick daughter, you just feel hopeless. You just feel…,please help god, please help me! My friend send me a link, when he saw how upset I was that I was getting denied insurance from everyone, with the pre-existing condition plan and said” I think you could qualify for this. “And so I looked into it and applied online, and I realised that even with the pre-existing condition I had, I wouldn’t be denied!
That was greatest day since we heard about her, dedical situation.
President Obama made it possible for me to get medical insurance when nobody else would. And thank goodness, because I really needed that surgery to survive. I just wanted a fighting chance. I wasn’t looking for a free ride. I want to pay for it. Seven months ago, I was in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk without assistance. Now, I am able to be on my two feet. You never think about health insurance until you really need it, but having health insurance means survival.


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